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Other Icons For Group Configuration

02 Sep 2006 - 18:10 | Version 4 |

After studying our first efforts to define a "didactic process map language" VincentTscherter proposed to emphasize the group configarion more by using other icons for the actors. He had the jigsaw method in mind and drawed something like this on the whiteboard:


So instead of these icons


I first used a class size of 16 as Vincent proposed:


But after drawing these icons I reduced the dots to 12:


As an advantage of these icons you can illustrate what some students are doing in respect of the rest of the class. So if the scenario says "the faster students work alone on additional tasks" you could an icon like this:


With 12 dots you can easily illustrate at least the following configurations:
  • whole class
  • half of the class
  • a third of the class
  • a quarter of the class
  • groups of 2
  • groups of 3
  • groups of 4
  • working alone

There are also disadvantages:
  • The more abstract icons are less intuitive and less emotional than my proposition
  • Vincents icons are more difficult to draw on a whiteboard by hand (expecially if you have to draw dozens of them)
  • The icons have to be bigger than mine to be readable:


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