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Visualizing learning scenarios

15 Aug 2006 - 08:10 | Version 4 |
To describe and discuss about learning scenarios a common domain specific language. In his paper Overscripting CSCL (Biblionetz:t02367) Pierre Dillenbourg (Biblionetz:p01285) proposes such a language called collaboration script:
  • A collaboration consists of sequential phases.
  • Each phase is described with five attributes: task, mode of interaction, group, timing, distribution.
Dillenbourgs definition of collaboration scripts is very detailed if not exhaustive. I haven't seen a single example of a learning scenario as a collaboration script.

For synchronous discussions in groups, something simpler is needed. Yesterday Michele and I developed a mix od flow-chart and petri-net like description of learning scenarios. Interesting try, but very ugly-looking (100% computer science look).

Today I tried to reduce details even more and use more graphic elements. At the moment, the visual language consists of the following elements:


With this elements we can now describe learning scenarios. An example:


The teacher defines (and explains) the subject of the essay the students have to write. During one single time period each student writes his own essay. At the end of the predefined time period each student hands in his essay. The teacher reads, marks, and grades them. At the end he returns the essays.

What about doing the essay as homework?


Hmm, and what if the students would write their essay in wiki?


More to come ...
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