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Visualization Summit 2007 @ ETH Science City

03 Jul 2007 - 15:57 | Version 7 |
Today I'm invited by Remo Burkhardt (Biblionetz:p03042) as a reporter at the Visualization Summit 2007. It's a one-day event with 10 parallel workshops to find research goal which can be achieved until 2010.


Olaf Kübler former president of ETH Zürich from 1997-2005 opens with the question, if visualization can help buildiung a sustainable future.

There are nine workshops taking place:

  • 01 / The architecural image and the computer: Images are the predominant medium for planning and building buildings. The computer hasn't changed much upto now.
  • 02 / Geo-Visualization: Visualization assoicatiated with spatial dimensions of our world.
  • 03 / Challenges in architectural and geospatial visualization: Visual analysis of changes over time
  • 04 / Visualize strategy: Exploring graphical roadmap forms Widely used in business but not well understood
  • 05 / Workplace 2010: Mobile technology will change the 9to5-worker to a nomad. This rises several questions: Sense of place, privacy.
  • 06 / Large Scale City Modeling: Before you can visualize data, you have to generate (and update!) it.
  • 07 / Basic Narratives in Visualization: Story telling can improve visualization.
  • 08 / Information Aesthetics:
  • 09 / Information Visualization Software Infrastructures: Towards standards and interoperability between various visualization tools "plug and play visualization"

It's not easy to choose one...

05 / Workplace 2010


In workshop 5 we are sharing our nomad working experiences. Astonishingly I'm not only the only one using Plazes, but as it seems, I'm the only one knowing Plazes...

One upcoming question is which type of information we need and we want from co-workers. Interestingly, it isn't high definition video stream, what participants want are small, but clear hints about the state of the co-workers (awake, busy, available, etc.).

A longer discussion started around clear desk policies versus cubicles. What is needed for feeling at home, feeling save, feeling inspired?


Some unsorted thoughts:
  • Todays work is 7/24 and all processes are continous. There are no clear time marks. A clean desk policy creates two time marks: morning and evening.
  • Work and leisure ist blurring. What are strategies to make work feel like home instead of the other way round?
  • Place remains important for buildung trust.

Visual impressions

What's nice about the visualization science community: The products are often well designed, colorful and a joy to the eye.


infovis02.jpg infovis03.jpg

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