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Digital Game-Based Learning

10 Dec 2006 - 18:48 | Version 2 |
Wieder mal hat es ein Trend geschafft, in meinem Hype Cycle eine neue Stufe zu erklimmen: Nachdem Marc Prenskys Buch Digital Game-Based Learning (Biblionetz:b01521) aus dem Jahr 2001 im November 2003 ins Biblionetz aufgenommen wurde, gibt es seit heute auch den Begriff digital game based learning (Biblionetz:w01978) im Biblionetz.

Nun wartet die mühsame Aufgabe auf mich, in allen bisher erfassten Büchern und Texten nachzuschauen, ob der Begriff erwähnt wird. Das wird eine Weile dauern...

Vorläufig hier ein Zitat zur Auswirkung von DGBL auf die ICT-Instrastruktur von Bildungseinrichtungen:

The existing higher education infrastructure is ill-prepared to support DGBL.
  • Computer labs must be appropriately configured, meaning that they are not locked down to prevent adjustments to video resolution or installation of proprietary drivers and game patches and that they allow for the ability to save and retrieve games.
  • Equipment that is not standard, such as headphones, speakers, and high-end sound and video cards, must be included in lab specifications.
  • Given the increase in the popularity, power, and sophistication of gaming consoles like the Xbox 360, higher education institutions that are serious about supporting DGBL may even want to change the footprint of one or more labs to be consoles rather than PC boxes.
  • Finally, labs must be accessible for game play outside of class, not just during class. This will place a heavier load on the labs, of course, and will necessitate the formulation of additional usage policies.
Source: Richard Van Eck in EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 41, no. 2 (March/April 2006) (Biblionetz:t07090)

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