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Einflussfaktoren für die Computernutzung von Lehrpersonen

18 Dec 2005 - 18:44 | Version 2 |
In einem sehr interessanten Paper aus dem Jahr 1994 untersucht Herny Becker, wie sich die 5% der beispielhaft computernutzenden Lehrpersonen von den 95% der Normalnutzenden unterscheiden (bei ca. 500 Lehrpersonen).

Der wichtigste Faktor: Die Zahl der Kolleginnen und Kollegen an der Schule, die Computer nutzen.

Teachers spend most of their working lives out of sight of other adults. If they are to successfully incorporate a new and complex resource like computer software into their teaching practice, they must have access to other people from whom they can learn, either experts who have already mastered the resource or a community of teacher-learners who pool their efforts and share their exploratory findings. Thus, it is not surprising that we would find that exemplary computer-using teachers are more likely than other computer users to be working in a school with many other computer-using teachers. It is also true that exemplary teachers may themselves create (rather than just be created by) an environment in which many teachers use computers. Nevertheless, it is instructive that of the 51 separate teacher environment variables examined, the one with the largest difference between exemplary and other computer-using teachers was simply the total number of teachers at their school who used computers.
Source: Biblionetz:t05316,

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-- BeatDoebeli - 18 Dec 2005