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Notes out of Ward Cunninghams Talk at WikiSym 2006

23 Aug 2006 - 17:08 | Version 1 |

A wiki is a work made by the community. The blogosphere is a community made by its works.

agile development corrects dysfunctional bevavior resulting from decades of misunderstood risk.

  Agile Wiki Open
Correction Risk Knowledge Property
Barrier Plan Privilege Licence
Team Location Attention Merit
Serves Customer Reader Developer

No engineer will build something he hasn't seen done before.

Design Principles:
  • Open principle
  • Incremental principle: It must be possible and useful to cite unwritten pages.
  • Organic principle: The structure of the site is expected to grow and evolve with the community that uses it.
  • Mundane principle: A small numeber of concentions provide all necessary formatting.
  • Universal principle: The mechanisms of editing and organizing are the same as those of writing so that any writer is automatically and editor and organizer.
  • Overt principle: The foramtted and printed output will suggest the input required to reproduce it.
  • Unified principle: Page names will be drwan from a flat space so that no additional context is required to interpret them.
  • Precise principle: Pages will be titled with sufficient precision to avoid most name clashes, typically by forming noun phrases.
  • Tolerant principle: All input will produce output that can be watched and reviewed by any other visitor.
  • Observable principle:
  • Convergent principle: Ambiguity and duplication can be removed by finding and citing similar or related content.

The most important principle is the openness of wikis. A read-only wiki isn't a wiki anymore.

  • Methodology
  • Technology
  • Community

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